The lounge table is 35cm height, perfectly suited for the living or lounge area. Due to its height the geometry of the fiber pattern shows a very strong fluid shape. Combined with the wide glass plate the table is an impressive eye-catcher next to your couch. 



The design is inspired by a simple mathematical geometry. In combination with our innovative fabrication and the use of raw fiber material evolves a natural and dynamic shape making this table unique and extraordinary.

It combines clearness with natural complexity leading to a harmonic appearance down to the last detail.

The whole table body is winded to one continuous raw fiber roving of 200 meters, weighing only 580 gram. The extremely thin carbon fibers (approx. 8x thinner than human hair) result in an incomparable look.



Our products are driven by innovation, high-tech material and craftsmanship. However high-quality is our primary claim for our products. Each product is handmade and goes through an intense and time-consuming process to fulfill our high standards.


Raw and unique

In our philosophy the design evolves out of the material´s characteristics and an adapted fabrication. It leads to an honest and true design. To express this in our products we want them to be as natural as possible. This way our products are recognized by their raw and unique style.  

Lounge Table Tarazed

SKU: 0003
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  • Handmade in Germany



    • Height: 35 cm
    • Diameter Top: 80 cm
    • Diameter Bottom: 46 cm



    • Body: Carbon fiber 
    • Table top: Glass plate, color: parsol gray, removeable



    Also suitable for outdoor use