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LINITY is a design and manufacture studio based in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by two architects who are specialized on innovative carbon fiber applications.

Our story started with a research project on new fabrication methods based on the ingenious building principles found in nature. Our idea combined a robotic filament winding setup with the construction methods of the lobster shell. The resulting building structure (link) was made with carbon and glass fibers. It became a great success, featured worldwide.

Based on our research background our products evolve out of a combined result of material characteristics, fabrication technology and simple design parameters. Rather than fitting a material in a predetermined design and finding a suitable fabrication process, we limit the design input to a minimum and create a form finding process driven by the material and fabrication. This leads to a natural and harmonic design. Mostly this is seen as interesting and exciting but at the same time logic and understandable, just like the building structures in nature.

​Breaking down the product´s design, the input is the table circle and diameter, height and fiber offset. This leads to a simple hyperbolic geometry. But once the fibers intersect the geometry changes according to the forces between the fibers due to the coreless production setup. The resulting design is natural and unique.

The whole product is wound with one continuous carbon fiber roving. This way we achieve zero waste of carbon fiber in the production.

In the end the product represents an innovative and efficient fabrication method with a high-performance material which is the main input for the geometry. It results in a unique and extraordinary design, exciting and harmonic at the same time down to the last detail

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