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Our design is not chosen randomly but evolves out of material characteristics and fabrication process. This leads to a natural fluid shape combined with clearness and logic. Putting great effort into the design development we achieve a harmonic and exciting product down to the last detail.

Complexity meets timeless design.


We are specialized in processing any kind of fiber materials. Only the raw fibers as rovings are used. Layer by layer the fibers are winded to one infinite loop shaping the product to one object integrating all aspects from functionality to design. Within the fabrication process, no fiber material is wasted!


Our fabrication process combines high-quality craftsmanship with innovation. The process leads to our unique and rough design putting our philosophy of transparency and honesty into the product. This is also in perfect harmony with the great connection between fabrication and material characteristics.


Our products are driven by a strong relationship between design, material, and process. These fabrication principles can also be seen in nature. It leads to efficient design, maximum advantage of material characteristics, and flexible fabrication.

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